10+ Notion Templates That Everyone Should Use

Sheldon Cooper
4 min readNov 7, 2020


These are public templates that you can copy to boost workflow and productivity :)

My current Notion setup

If you’re new to Notion, it is a note-taking app and a leading productivity tool that can be used for a whole variety of things.

From keeping track of your daily habits, systematically keeping in touch through Personal CRMs, assigning tasks to your team members, and jotting down notes — Notion is everyone’s go to app.

Notion provides readily-available templates for designers, educators, engineers, product management and more. However, Notion is not limited to this.

See below how I myself and others around the Notion community design and utilise their workspace:

#1 — Marketing Portfolio 🍊

Almost everyone in the marketing sphere has a website to showcase their work, blog posts, and story.

When I started, I naively created my portfolio on Wix. While this isn’t too bad, I didn’t purchase the Wix package so it revealed the Wix domain name which is generally seen as wholly unprofessional or, even worst, cheap.

A eureka moment hit and I realised that it’s actually possible to craft a marketing portfolio on Notion.

I thought of the idea as an interim while I get around to completing an official website (that’s not on Wix) but the Notion layout surprisingly turned out great, to me, so I think I’ll stick to this one (for now).

Access it here

made by me :)

#2 — Minimalistic Homepage Setup 💬

This gives me Marie Kondo vibes. Access it here

made by @maaslalani and @Darshil36

#3 — Idea Keeper

Quickly write down the infinite article topics you can potentially work on in the future. This can be particularly helpful on days when you don’t know what to write about so you take a look at this idea bank. Alternatively, this can act as a generator of ideas and brainstorm. Access it here

made by me

#4 — Youtube Video Planner 📹

Structure your videos with a hook, intro, value, and point to keep viewers watching. Keep track of the progress of the video and its analytics.

This template was shared by Ali Abdaal (a Youtuber with over 1 million subs known for studying medicine at Cambridge). Access it here

made by Ali Abdaal

#5— Book Reader Tracker

It is aesthetically satisfying to view all of the book you’ve read in one page. Feels like an accomplishment. Access it here

made by Zoe Chew

#6 — Habit Chest

Track your habits! Access it here

#7 — Resonance Calendar 📆

Ever read a book, listened to a podcast or skimmed through an article and wanted to highlight/ take note of the best bits but never know where to store it without losing it buried in the default iPhone Notes app?

The Resonance Calendar serves to change this. Access it here

made by Ali Abdaal

#8 — Class Notes 🥗

Includes easy access to Zoom meeting login details, course description, grading systems, readings, and course schedule!

Access it here

made by me

#9— Curriculum Manager 👩🏻‍🏫

Create a proposal and don’t take No as an answer for your boss. Access it here

made by kat

#10— Homepage Set up 🍄

Manage your life and all of your notes into one page. Access it here

#11 —Bullet Journalling

I’ve always had a difficult time journalling because of how meticulous and difficult it is to input data entry everyday. This template has made the process much easier and enjoyable for me. Access it here

#11+ — Other Resoures

  • Notion Template Gallery (click here)

All in all, Notion is great.

Access those free public templates and boost your workflow!

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