so make living worthwhile

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the title is clickbait because i don’t know the answer myself either but here’s a thought for your daily bread

The idealism in politician speeches cannot break down historical patriarchy. But porn can.


[This is part of my Debate Series — topics curated from local and global debate competitions I participated in. P.S I included my rankings of this motion at the end of this blog :)]

Are there any circumstances that will make it acceptable to do so?


Littledean Jail is a small museum based in the UK that is widely known for its (seemingly) politically incorrect, and bizarre visitor attraction.

These are public templates that you can copy to boost workflow and productivity :)

My current Notion setup

If you’re new to Notion, it is a note-taking app and a leading productivity tool that can be used for a whole variety of things.

My lungs were violently gasping for air, my skin incarcerated the heat waves and my legs placed itself one in front of the other in a constant, circular motion. I was finishing up a thirty five kilometre hike, running past the towering trees and away from the two thousand metre climb behind me.

My life revolves around screens and spaces — too much of the former, and not enough of the latter. Of course, this isn’t a new phenomenon to my life, nor is it specific to myself either but still, the heuristic interjection of an idea and a story that writes itself is a transliteration process that rarely occurs. In other words, it’s been hard trying to write an article everyday.

I missed 10 days

I am a very mainstream person. In whatever social group, I try my best to fit in. Whether it’s religiously watching high school romcoms at 3AM with a tub of ice cream scrunched under a blanket or getting ketchup on my RBG keyboard as I play league of legends with friends over Discord or listening to Daniel Caesar whenever I’m sad. It’s difficult to pick me out from a crowd since I look like every other average person.

Sheldon Cooper

no thoughts, head empty

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