The End of BEDA (Blog Everyday of April)

Sheldon Cooper
2 min readMay 1, 2021


I missed 10 days

At the start of April, I set out to blog everyday and since the month has ended I’m happy to report I’ve posted 20 articles. I skipped writing for 10 days and while BEDA wasn’t necessarily a success by this virtue, it’s still a win. It’s a major improvement from my try at the Renaissance Project, in which my longest streak was four days. So, I’m overall pleased I suppose.

April has been interesting, if anything. For the first two weeks, I was grateful for how life was going and productive as a result of it but as it reached the middle, rounds of college deadlines and thinking of what I want in life trampled me into another season of being a comfortable wasteman.

Because of it I watched more TV and it’s upsetting not because it’s unproductive but rather evident that I don’t have conviction for the things that I do. Sort of this apathy.

To be honest, as I enter May, I don’t think I’m over that seasonal phase again (which happens so fairly often). I recently finished a Netflix show called A Love So Beautiful and I devoured it in two days. I can’t think about anything else and I still feel this emptiness as I watched the last episode, a pang in my heart that signalled that it was over and my journey with the series is done. I am still emotionally upset and moved from the last show I finished five days ago. Being the obsessive fool I am, I don’t let the show die just like that so I’m looking forward to binging the interviews and behind the scenes of it on Youtube after I publish this article.

There was this one day on April, on the 25th, I felt particularly satisfied. I only wrote four items on my to-do list, compared to the usual ten, and I felt hugely relieved when the day ended since I completed it all.

  • Complete and submit Math Review Exercise
  • Play League of Legends
  • 15 min Binery Call
  • Prepare for Interview (Math probability)

It was a great day but I was surprised I didn’t feel “passionate” about it either. Because of it, I’m now convinced people don’t need “passion” to accomplish the skies. Just doing your tasks diligently can get you there.

Overall, BEDA has been nice (thanks to cami for inspiring this). I finally found a rhythm for myself: I write from twelve to one in the morning followed by which I watch TV on Netflix until I fall asleep. I like this schedule.

the parents of Shin Sol-I on the day of her public exams (they’re praying)